New this Year: Missionaries-In-Residence!

SPO NJ’s 2013-14 campus staff: Jason Dudziak, Kimi Bulter, Rita Buganski, Rebecca Shrake, and Peter DeMarais

Saint Paul’s Outreach New Jersey continues to seize evangelistic-rich opportunities! This year, three out of the five full-time campus staff are taking part in Seton Hall University’s co-sponsored “Missionary-In-Residence” program. The SPO Missionaries will live in Seton Hall University’s largest residence hall, Boland Hall, which houses over 710 first year students. 

Saint Paul's Outreach was approached by the University to spearhead the “Missionary-In-Residence” (MIR) program, which is in its inaugural year. The Missionaries - Peter DeMarais, Jason Dudziak, and Rebecca Shrake - will take part in the day-to-day life of the resident students, sharing the love of Christ with them.

This year is new territory for me and the other SPO staff, as we have the opportunity to live in Boland Hall, a freshmen dormitory on the campus of Seton Hall. I’m really unable to contain my excitement for what God has in store for us as we strive to build a Community of Faith in one of the loneliest places in the U.S.: the college dorm.
— Peter DeMarais, Mission Director

The MIR program also provides additional opportunities for on campus evangelization and outreach. The program complements SPO's men and women’s Households, which also continue to flourish in New Jersey.