Fall 2015 Top 10 New Jersey Events

We are starting up a new semester at Seton Hall, but before we get into all the new things that are happening, I want to share a recap of some of the best things that happened last semester. One of the NJ Mission Leaders, Jason Dudziak, wrote a post about the top 10 things that happened last semester. So, in the spirit of better-late-than-never, here is his post:

Fall 2015 Top 10

This semester has been a blast. We have done a wide variety of things that range from Eucharistic Adoration to apple picking. It has been so much fun. It is too bad you couldn’t join us. I am most certain you would’ve enjoyed yourself. I know I did. I am also certain the students at Seton Hall also enjoyed themselves. I’d like to take some time and recap all the joyful goodness. This way, it is almost like you were there with us. What better way to hear about all the goodies then to hear it from some students. So, without further adieu, I polled 15 students and asked what their top 10 favorite events were:

10) Lip Sync Battle:

What do you get when you have 15 young adults, youtube.com, and a sound system? Thats right, an epic battle of high energy dance moves and a good attempt at matching facial expressions to popular lyrics.

9) Cornhole Tournament (A.K.A. Bean Bag Toss):

We took over the center of campus and let the bags fly. The stakes were high and the competition was getting heated. The champions were Dave Miller and Paula Hegedus. (I would’ve made this the number one event but I got third place).

8) Apple Pie Making:

I am sure you have all experienced this before. But have you experienced Michela Brooks and Halie Burns try to carve SPO flames and leaves out of dough?..... I didn’t think so.

7) Fellowship and Pack the Chapel:

Once a month a bunch of catholics (a large group of Catholics can be referred to as a gaggle…. or maybe that’s geese) get together and worship Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration at the beautiful Seton Hall Chapel. Once we get refreshed by being with Jesus, we all hang out in the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Campus Ministry Lounge in fellowship. Food, laughs, games… always a good time.

6) Trivia Night:

This year we teamed up with Housing and Residence Life to put on a couple events. One of the events was a huge trivia night. Words that start with “S”, super hero logos, oldies, and sci-fi. Fun was to be had by all. One team cheated and won first place, but trust me, no one is bitter about it.(jk)

5) Women’s Self-defense Night:

We have all heard of the boogie man. Well, there ain’t a single SPO women who is afraid of him anymore after this women’s night. The women get together every other week and have a blast. They talk about true femininity and also take part in an awesome activity. Other events include shaving cream wiffle ball and… well the rest are secret. You have to go to them to find out what they are.

4) Eucharistic Procession:

This is a true favorite amongst Seton Hall Catholics. Students, priests and seminarians begin at the chapel with Eucharistic Adoration. Then with candles in hand, we carry Jesus out the doors and around campus. It is beautiful to hear the songs echoing around campus and to see the large group walking in the light of the candles and campus street lights. What a bold way for students to claim their faith and seek Jesus.

3) Country two-stepping, line dancing and Swing dancing:

Sitting around after a “Lord’s Day Celebration” one Saturday evening, we realized the men’s house has a dance floor in the living room. So, we partnered up, pulled our boots on, and danced until…. until we stopped dancing. Teresa Hayes, Ben Huntley and Gabe Tristan showed us a thing or two about the western Two-step.

2) Men’s Night- Two-man tractor roll:

Men’s nights are the best time for men to come together and perform feats of strength and learn about true masculinity. We covered topics, such as, magnanimity, courage, strength, and rest. But we all know, the best way to learn about true masculinity is to shove two men into a tractor tire big enough for one man, and push it down a hill. If you were in the tire, you would vote this number two as well.

AND, the number one event of the 2015 Fall Semester is (drum roll please).

1) Seeing Pope Francis in the city of brotherly love:

20 students traveled down to Philadelphia to see the Pope. House by the generous family of Camille Cuentas, we spent the weekend in search of the Holy Father. It was an amazing adventure. We joined a million catholics in the streets of Philadelphia and celebrated holy mass with Pope Francis as our main celebrant. Talk about a good ol’ catholic weekend.

But there was so much more!! I wish I could share it all with you. Thanks for taking the time to stay posted. Thank you for all the ways you support the work of Saint Paul’s Outreach. The events above are a small glimpse of how your support is enhancing the lives of college students by bring them into relationship with Jesus.