Seton Hall Takes Jesus to the Green

By Halie Burns, Senior, Seton Hall University

On Thursday, October 13th, more than 70 Seton Hall seminarians and students came together to spend time with Jesus through Adoration. This is not an unusual occurrence. About once a month, Saint Paul's Outreach at Seton Hall partners with Campus Ministry to host “Pack the Chapel” - a holy hour with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, readings, and praise and worship. But this week, something was different. Something had changed.

Adoration usually takes place in the Chapel on campus, a place that is so holy and welcoming, and yet somewhat closed off from the outside world. This week, however, was different. Fr. Brian Needles processed Jesus in the Eucharist from the chapel to the Green - large open grounds in the center of campus- where an hour of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed.

Through an act of courage in a secular world, Adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist went beyond the chapel walls. An altar was set up on the Green with lights, flowers, candles and, of course, Jesus. Surrounded by the dark of night, the Eucharist glimmered and shined bright. He was our focus, and He was adored. Songs of worship and praise filled the air on campus so much that people passing by stopped and stared. Multiple people stopped in their tracks and knelt down before continuing on their journey. The presence of God was made clearly visible that even those not in attendance had the opportunity to encounter his presence.

God doesn't want us to hide our faith, to take what he has given us and not share it. He specifically tells us to go out and proclaim His goodness and His word. In Mark 16:15, Jesus says, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to all creation.” We did this last week. We did not hide our faith that night; we stood boldly and proclaimed the greatness of the Lord. God wants us to take this courage and apply it into every aspect of our lives, both as a faith-filled community and as individuals. Our lives should reflect the life that Jesus led. We need to take Jesus with us wherever we go, to put him out there on an altar and stand where others can see us and Him, knowing that we have faith and that we believe. He should not be a hidden aspect of our lives, but instead the very center that everything else revolves around and turns to.

I invite you to ask yourself: Where in my life have I created walls that are preventing those walking by to look in and see the glory that is Christ within me? How can I bring Jesus into all the areas of my life and to the people I encounter each day? How can I show those walking past that there is something greater with Christ? How can I proclaim his name?

Pack the Green was more than Adoration for me, it became a renewal of living my life bold in the faith.