He is the True Artist

By Daniel Folta, Sophomore, Seton Hall University

Ever since I realized my potential at the Art Academy of Hillsborough, I have always aspired to be a professional artist. After two years of weekly classes, I spent my gap year in the academy’s full time program, where I spent a minimum of thirty hours a week honing my skills in oil painting. Since then I have been producing portraits for my clients while studying at Seton Hall’s Business School.

The NJ Men’s Household have been very supportive of me in this, and are helping me set up a studio in the house. Living with them has been a huge blessing to me both with my relationship with God and as a fine artist.

But I would be more aptly named a “copier,” not an “artist,” because what I paint has already been formed by the true Artist, who is God. My work is merely a rough renditioning of His. The more I learn about classical painting, the more I can delve into the intricacies of God’s handiwork. I have been so blessed to be able to start a career that studies and gives back to the glory of God in this way.