The Best Place for a Man to Live

By Pat Stucker, Mission Leader, Rutgers University

The Saint Paul's Outreach Men’s Household is the best place for a man to live during his time of college.  

There, I said it. No holds barred.

If Household could speak, it would say enthusiastically on behalf of each man, “My life is not my own.”  Here at Rutgers University, the Household men are on a mission.  From hosting parties for over 100 people, to sharing a family style dinner with a few new guests, to taking a fellow student on a Sunday hike, we walk the same mission - to invite people into a relationship with us and with Jesus Christ.  

The Men’s Household at Rutgers has been in the running for three years, and we been fortunate to inherit the faithfulness of the men who have lived in the Households before us. This year’s Household has decided to build further upon this faithful foundation.  From making a man cave out of our living room (ping pong table and all), to learning how to make some mean breakfasts using a cast-iron skillet, the men of Household have created a refuge of brotherhood which is life giving for both ourselves and all of the guests who walk into our home.

Household has become the place where men want to be, a place where men can live out their faith freely, and a place where they don’t have to worry about looking perfect or overly-pious. Men can truly be themselves here.  What we have in Household is the best way of life that can be lived on the campus; one in which we are brothers together, on a mission for the Gospel and laying down our lives in service so that others may truly live.

The men in Household are not just the future leaders of the Church.  They are not just the future fathers of our families, not just the future pastors of our parishes, not just the future owners of our businesses.  They are not just the Church of the future.  They are the Church, now.  I believe with great hope that the men of Household at Rutgers University and the Households across the country will renew the faith from cafeteria-Catholicism to an intentional Catholic way of living, integrating faith into everything we do.  Thanks be to God!

The Men of Rutgers University foster brotherhood on campus through Men's Nights.

The Men of Rutgers University foster brotherhood on campus through Men's Nights.