Chapters on the East Coast Unite for Formation Retreat

On November 9-10th, the Formation programs from Rutgers University, Seton Hall University, and Northeastern University came together for their annual Fall Retreat. This year we split by having men’s and women’s retreats.

I attended the women’s retreat with 50 other women. The theme of our retreat was “Trusting in the Father.” We spent our time together focusing on the dignity and identity that each woman is created with and the Father’s unique love for each of his daughters.

The speakers touched on some of the common struggles to experiencing God’s love fully, and how to grow in freedom in those areas. Finally, we talked about the relationship that the Father offers us and the blessing He offers us in our lives, which was both healing and fulfilling. Over the weekend, we heard three talks, had a powerful prayer meeting, and had a time to pray with one another to fully allow the Lord into our hearts.

Here are what just a few of the other women shared about their experience at this year’s retreat:

During Adoration, we sang a song called, ‘Lord I belong to You,’ and it struck me because recently I have been struggling with where I belong and to what people or group. It hit me that I belong to the Lord, and that’s all that matters.
I had often cringed at the expression ‘Daughter of God,’ but now for the first time I am proud to say that I am the daughter of God.
This year’s formation retreat really showed me the importance of authentic sisterhood. As I was learning about the Father’s heart and the love He has for me, I was experiencing it through the love and joy of my sisters.

The theme of the men’s retreat was “Discipleship” and they focused on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus as a man. They had three talks, small group discussion, a prayer meeting, and a frisbee tournament. Here are some testimonies from the men’s side:

The SPO Men’s Retreat was a blast! We were able to learn more about our identity as sons of God and what it truly means to be like Jesus. The one thing that stuck with me fro the retreat is that ‘the time is now.’ The time is now to fix things in your life that you aren’t proud of and become one step closer to being like Jesus. The time is now.
The men’s retreat was an awesome time just to be men chasing the Lord together. With awesome talks, an amazing frisbee tournament, and powerful prayer, Jesus revealed himself within true brotherhood.
Our speaker was great. He really opened my eyes to meaning of Bible verses that I had been reading for years. It was also a great time getting to grow in brotherhood with a group of guys from Seton Hall, Rutgers University and Northeastern University who can relate to me and where I am at with my faith.