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SPO Men's football

On the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal, an article titled “Where Have the Good Men Gone?” was published.  We ask the same question in SPO as we meet men on campus and converse with them about their lives.  It is obvious that there is a need on college campuses for good men who will stand up for the Truth of God.  One way we respond to this need is through our Men’s Nights every other Thursday evening at Ohio State.Near the end of February, the SPO men invited others on campus to play a game of ultimate Frisbee, eat gumbo at the men’s household, and talk about what it takes to be a man of God on campus.  Twenty-five guys showed up to play, and almost all of them came back to the house to eat dinner.  The conversation was started and the group talked about the crisis of Christian men for an hour.  Many of the guys offered insights about the struggles that young adult males face in the secular college atmosphere.  The highlight of the night in my mind was when one man, coming to his second Saint Paul’s Outreach event, spoke about the need that men have for a community to support them in being men, and that the group that was gathered was exactly what others need to experience to have the strength and courage to be strong men in the face the college culture. 

This comment was encouraging for me, hearing how the work that we do in SPO is truly successful in giving the support and formation to help young men become holy men.  I have seen that others who have gone before me are well practiced in virtue in character, and that they are ready to enter into their vocations after spending time growing in holiness through the support of the brotherhood we have in SPO. 

Please pray for God’s work through SPO, that He would fortify the men with virtue as they prepare for careers and vocations.  Come Lord Jesus!  

-Submitted by Jacob Doran, OSU Men's Mission Leader