July Devotion : The Precious Blood of Jesus



As the fanfare of the 4th subsides, many will return to work with wishes of another holiday weekend or visions of vacation, but as we near the dog days of summer, SPO encourages a different focus. According to our Catholic tradition, each month of the year is focused on a certain devotion, and for July the Church asks us to focus on the Precious Blood of Jesus.

This past Sunday (the first Sunday in July) marked the Church's official celebration of the Sacred Blood of Jesus, a feast that was first established by Pope Pius IX in 1849. We look to the Precious Blood as a sign of our redemption by Christ's suffering and celebrate in the joy of His love for us.

To aid in focus on this devotion, there are many prayers that can be incorporated into daily reflections or simply said when beginning or ending the day. You can find many of these beautiful prayers in the Catholicism section of About.com or by checking out your local Christian bookstore. Adding in these simple devotions provides a joyful reminder of God's love for us and helps you spread that love throughout your day!

-submitted by Sarah Deak, Development Coordinator