Sweet Summertime at the SPO Women's Household

Although the school year may end, the SPO Household keep up throughout the summer. Household members continue the same practices of prayer, fellowship and outreach as they did during the school year but substitute classes for employment or volunteer work. For this post, Katherine Fisher, a senior at OSU, shares her thoughts on living in a summer Household.I feel so blessed by the year I’ve spent in household and am so happy to be living in a summer household. Even though I’m on a break from school, I’m not on a break from mission. When summer household started, I saw it as a transition between this year’s household members and the new women moving-in in September. However, summer household has been so much more and has continued to deepen my faith and strengthen my relationship with Christ.

 Womens HH 2010

Womens HH 2010

There are 5 women living in the house this summer, and each of us has our own unique and sometimes crazy schedule. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to gather for household dinner. These dinners are a time for us to share our lives and grow in sisterhood. We also gather three mornings a week to pray the Liturgy of the Hours together.This summer, we have been hosting a biweekly potluck dinner. The potluck dinners provide the women involved with SPO a chance to really build relationships and bond over food, of course. On the weeks that we don’t have potluck dinners, we join with the men’s household and host Pizza and Prayer. This event is an awesome time where all the men and women around for the summer have delicious pizza and then an old fashioned prayer meeting.

I’m having an extraordinary time with my sisters in summer household and am so excited to see how God will continue to work in each of our lives over the last two months of summer!

-submitted by Katherine Fisher, OSU Student Missionary