Interview with Anna Vonau, SPO Household Member at ODU!

Saint Paul’s Outreach is blessed to have five faith-filled household communities here on Ohio; two on Ohio State’s campus, one on Ohio Dominican’s campus and two on Bowling Green’s campus. Each household community is made up of college students who are committed to living in intentional community. Life in household includes engaging in prayer, service, formation and mission together. This week, ODU household member Emily Schafer interviewed her housemate, Anna Vonau, about life in household and with SPO.

Emily: Give us a little background about yourself.

Anna: My name is Anna Vonau, I’m 21 years old and a sophomore at Ohio Dominican University, majoring in Integrated Math and Education.


Emily: How did you get involved with SPO?

Anna: I started serving with NET ministries in St. Paul, MN. During my time in MN is when I first got involved with SPO. Then, after NET, I went to Franciscan University in Stuebenville. During my time at Franciscan, I heard the Lord calling me back to (my hometown in) Columbus. While discerning moving back to Columbus, I met up with (our ODU leader) Mary Therese Kebe, who I knew from High School. She told me about an opening in Dorm HH at ODU for the Fall semester. After much prayer and discernment I knew the Lord was calling me to serve with SPO in Columbus and be a part of HH at ODU!

Emily: What is it about the SPO community that drew you in?

Anna: My own desire for community, and the fulfillment of that desire through the abundance of community life that SPO offers!

Emily: What is a typical day like in the ODU women's dorm community?

Anna: Every day is different! Generally, I wake up and get ready, go to Morning Prayer in our on campus Chapel, go to breakfast, go to classes, work for a few hours in Campus Ministry, and then have some personal prayer time. Depending on the day I have HH dinner, ODU campus outreach events, larger outreach event combined with OSU, like One Gospel’s and Women’s Nights, or Household bonding time. Then go to sleep and start over again the next day!

Emily: Is there a certain experience in SPO that stands out to you? What is it?

Anna: The experience of community stands out!  It is the experience of living with and spending time with people who have the same goal and who are striving for the same things. When we spend time together, (we form) genuine relationships, (have) meaningful conversations, (receive) warm hugs, and it is evident (that this happens) because Jesus Christ is at the center of each of these relationships and of our lives!

Emily: How would you describe SPO to someone hearing about it for the first time?

Anna: I would first emphasize the community and the relationships. And the desire of everyone involved to live out their Catholic faith and to get to heaven. Then I would share about our events and how we preach the Gospel and live out our faith.

Emily: What struggles do you face in living out your faith as a young adult?

Anna: The biggest struggle that comes to mind is time. Realizing so many things are pulling for our time and through that, being able to live out my faith no matter where I am in my everyday life.

Emily: How will you carry on the experiences you've had in SPO after graduation?


Anna: I will continue to establish Christ-centered relationships. I will continue to have daily prayer. And I will always strive to be on mission and to bring others to Christ.

Emily: Who is your favorite saint?

Anna: I definitely am tied with a top two. Saint Therese, because she is awesome and basically, my bff! Also Saint Monica, because of her love and persistence in intercessory prayer.

Emily: Where did you see God in your life today?

Anna: I saw God in Morning Prayer, in personal prayer, and in my classmates.

Thank you to Emily and Anna for helping share the SPO experience with others!

You can become a part of this great community! SPO has household communities for Women at ODU, OSU and BGSU and for men at OSU and BGSU. If you or someone you know is interested in living in one of the SPO Households, contact us athouseholdoh@spoweb.orgor contact Dominic DeMatte at (614) 352-2440. Applications are due March 5th, so apply today!