Lost and Found: A Tale of Adventure on Women’s Getaway

At the end of April, SPO students took some time away as Men and Women to relax and have fun together on Women’s Getaway and Man Wars. SPO Women’s Household member Sara Huggett shares the unique journey she took on her way to Women’s Getaway.“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

Throughout my life, adventure (perhaps better called happy accidents) has been a  major theme and seems to follow me everywhere.  This year’s Women’s Getaway was no different.  Driving away from the city, headed down to Portsmouth for my first Women’s Getaway, I was so excited to be spending a quiet weekend out in the countryside with my friends - and without organic chemistry.  


Adventure quietly overtook my happy little car, as my phone died, taking with it the GPS function I so desperately needed.  Luckily, I had the foresight to memorize the directions (or so I thought) before my phone slipped into black nothingness.  At the time the phone died, we were supposedly 15 minutes from our destination.  

Two and a half hours later, my car mates, and I pulled up to our picturesque destination, with what could only have been the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  The extra two hours and 15 minutes, despite not being in the plan, I would not have traded for the world.  Driving up and down the country roads of southern Ohio, we saw beautiful farm land, the Ohio River, the stars.  The most beautiful thing I found was the deep friendship I saw forming between the three of us.  It’s funny how being completely and utterly lost can bond people in a special way.  In our lostness, we found comfort in each other’s friendship and happily passed the extra time laughing, sharing our lives, and praying.  

To me, this little episode sums up the essence of Women’s Getaway.  Yes, we spent the weekend having an incredible time eating delicious food, enjoying the stars around a bonfire, praying, playing board games, hiking in the woods, and more. We spent time restoring ourselves, to come back to school and prepare to face the special hardships the end of the school year brings (finals anyone?).  But more than this, we spent time with each other, building relationships.  Going into Women’s Getaway, I knew different women to varying degrees, but afterwards I realized that I had grown closer to each woman in a unique way; I found greater friendship with them.  Women’s Getaway was an amazing opportunity to just spend time together building authentic, Christ-centered friendships.

This year’s Women’s Getaway was more than an escape from the challenges of college life, it was a chance to lose ourselves in building friendships.  In my adventure of getting lost in Southern Ohio, I found myself with stronger friendships that I thought possible in less than 48 hours.  God is so good!

-Submitted by Sara Huggett, Junior at OSU