The Vocational Journey

Vocational discernment is something stressed in SPO as an important part of living an authentically Christian life. Through this discernment process, many SPO students find their calling lies within pursuing a religious vocation. One of these students, Brian Petro, has decided to pursue his vocational call at

Borromeo College Seminary

in Wickliffe. OH. He shares with us his discernment experience.

Eddie and Brian SNE
Eddie and Brian SNE

In my experience, the main ingredient to pursuing a vocation is a healthy dose of openness. In high school, the priesthood wasn't an option I acknowledged or considered much, besides during the occasional retreat. But, the Lord used those moments that I promised I'd give Him everything. I felt that if I were to hold that possibility back, I wasn't allowing God to work through me fully.

While I was at OSU, I began to hear a calling the the priesthood. I kept trying to push it back, saying that I'd go to seminary after college. But God kept bringing me back to how the apostles responded to Jesus' call in Matthew 




they left their nets and followed Him."

I can't say that I have any certainty about whether my choice to leave a promising major and a great community was "correct" or not, but I do know I'm giving God my full attention now. I'm giving Him this year to show me more: more of the priesthood and more of myself. I know that there will never be certainty about my choices and I that, with our fallen state, I will always have doubts about any vocation I choose, but I trust that I'm in God's hands and He'll continue leading me on His path.

I leave you with the wise words of my spiritual director, speaking to a "set your mind on Christ" view of vocations: "To properly discern a vocation, the biggest question you need to ask yourself is 'What vocation can I serve God the best in?'"

-submitted by Brian Petro, seminarian at Borromeo College Seminary