Letting in God’s Love

SPO Household member Amber Super is a sophomore at Capital University studying Nursing. She shares with us her reflections on letting go of the worries of the world and letting in God’s unchanging love. In the few short months of living in household God has taught me an immense amount about love and sacrifice. I started off the year working three days a week at Panera Bread, as a closing manager, going to nursing school full time, and being on mission for the kingdom of God through SPO by living in household and being on the student missionary team. About six weeks in I realized I couldn’t do it all, and something had to give. I knew work had to go.


However, I was nervous about leaving my job. Where would I work? How would I pay for things? I was talking to one of my friends at school, and he told me that AmericaReads was still hiring for the semester. So I immediately went and got an application, submitted it a few days later, and had a new job. Perfect. God provided!

AmericaReads is an after school program for inner-city elementary kids, providing homework help, and other activities for the children. The first few weeks of my new job were awesome. I loved it so much! And I went from working 25 hours to 6 hours a week. I was getting to know the kids, and they were slowly warming up to me.

One Tuesday about two weeks ago the younger kids went on the field trip, and the older kids were at the center working on homework. One of the boys asked me for help on his homework. At one point he got frustrated, telling me he couldn’t understand because he couldn’t read. This hit me hard – he is in the fourth grade and he can’t read. How does this happen? How does this go unnoticed? My heart ached for this child as I saw so many of the children there needed love. So many of them just need love - often times they act up, misbehave, are mean to each other, don’t want to do their homework, but much of the problem is nobody pays attention to them. They just need to be loved.

I came home from work that day extremely upset by this realization that so many people go through lives without the love they deserve. I took this to prayer throughout the rest of the week, and eventually came to Sunday’s Gospel reading

Jesus replied, "The first is this: Hear, O Israel!The Lord our God is Lord alone!You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,with all your soul,with all your mind,and with all your strength.

If we love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, the love we have for Christ pours over to each person we meet. When we love, we love with the love of Christ within us. These children that I work with may not know love in the way that I know love, but God placed someone, and will continue to place people in their path that will love them with the love they need.

This is what struck me most in my experience with the children, that though my heart aches for them to know love, I can be a source of love in the short time I will spend with them. I, in choosing to love Christ, can be love to them in a way they would not have otherwise experienced. This can be applied to all relationships in life; when we love, we love with the love of Christ. Each person is worthy, and deserving, and in need of this love. May we continue to love with the love of Christ reigning in each of our hearts!

-submitted by Amber Super, SPO Household member