Life in Household: A Little Taste of Heaven…to Share!

Kara Shockey is a junior at The Ohio State University studying English & Renaissance Studies. Kara shares with us her reflections on her first year living in Household. What does it mean to live in Household? That is a great question. Living in household means being challenged beyond your wildest dreams. It means learning your limits. It means laughing so hard you are sore the next morning. It means feeling like you are getting to taste a little bit of heaven and a little bit of humanity. It means getting to see the world as it should be. What does living in household mean? It means choosing God above everything else.


As soon as I became involved with SPO, I wanted to move into household. I was lacking a community and I saw these women living together and loving on each other. If there is one thing true about every human it’s that we desire to be loved. If we don’t know God, then we look for Him in everything in this world. This world is never satisfying. We were blessed to be created with a thirst for the infinite. Finite things of this world - drinking, partying, sex, and all the rest - can never satisfy. There is only one Infinite.

Living in household begins to quench that thirst, but it also makes you thirst all the more. This is where the heaven and humanity bit comes in. Household is a taste of heaven. A taste of what is to come. It’s being loved as soon as you walk in the door, it’s praying always, it’s constantly having Jesus as a part of your life. Living in household makes you sure that heaven is going to be amazing. But it’s just a taste. Living in household can remind you of the broken and sad culture we live in.

Every weekend when I drive to my house, I see the worst part of campus. I see the people who think they are living the good life. Every bit of me just wants to grab them, bring them to my house, and show them what it is they are missing. As cheesy as it may sound, it literally breaks my heart that so many people are so broken and so lost and they don’t even know it.

But what good is it if I sit in my car and wish after these people? No good at all. I need to show them. What would household be worth if we weren’t on mission? Living in household means being that piece of heaven and sharing it. I live in household so that I can be refreshed at home, so I can come home to God and then leave to bring more people home to Him.

What does it mean to live in household? It means having the strength to proclaim the kingdom.

-Submitted by Kara Shockey, Student Missionary & Household Member