Seeking Holiness in Household

SPO Household applications are due December 15th! To get an application for yourself or someone else, email Sara Huggett is a junior pharmaceutical sciences major at OSU, and a second-year Household member. She shares with us her journey to SPO Households. I grew up in the same house for 18 years, so moving to college was my first time moving ever.  It was a BIG year of change and adjustment. The people on my floor were good people, but they were mostly people who didn't know about Jesus' love for them, never mind loved Jesus themselves. On my floor, I quickly gained the reputation as the "church girl".  I had people ask me why I still went to church when my parents weren’t here to force me to go.  They didn't understand how Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and love had changed my life.   I was pretty much the only person on my floor who took faith seriously, and I learned it's really hard to be alone in faith without community.

I saw the people around me seeking happiness in drinking, sex, parties, superficial friendships, beauty, and their plans for their futures.  It's nearly impossible to be in a culture like this alone and not let it affect you.  I started looking for happiness in the wrong places, too and I had a really hard time.  I realized that ultimately looking for happiness in these places didn’t fit with who God was calling me to be. That was when I decided to apply to live in the SPO Household.


The past year and a half in Household has been everything I hoped for and so much more!  I found joy and love, and others striving for holiness.  I found more than a community, I found family.  Growing up I always wanted sisters, and now I have them.  They're so supportive of me and are always there for me. They've helped bring out the best in me.  As C.S. Lewis said: "Love is not affectionate feelings, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good, as far as it can be obtained." I am surrounded by people who desire that ultimate good for me.  I've received more love than I ever have in my entire life and I've had the opportunity to practice loving others fully as well.

It was once said: "When you receive love it releases you from the things that trouble you, it can give you strength and courage."  Being in Household has given me the courage to really pursue holiness with my whole life.  I've got lots of great role models and examples, and most of the women who I look up to have lived in Household at one point in their lives.   I've been provided with tools for holiness.

Pursuing holiness with SPO has changed me.  I'm more of the woman God wants me to be.  I know more fully know that I am his daughter. Household is a place where I've grown, served, and witnessed in God's love.  I'm excited to continue to build friendships and sisterhood with those in my house this year and to chase after holiness and God's plan side by side with them.

I encourage everyone who lives on an SPO campus to live in Household. For what you put in to it, you get out so much more. Household has helped shape and define who I am, who I will become, and where I am going.  Praise the Lord!

-submitted by Sara Huggett, OSU Student Missionary and Household Member