One Body for 2013

As the anticipation of Christmas comes to completion with the “big day”, we soon begin to turn our sights to the upcoming New Year. Although we as Catholics began a New Year almost a month earlier, we cannot escape the secular New Year that will cause us to write new numbers on our checks and start speaking in terms of 2013. Naturally, as something new begins we are inclined to look back on what was in 2012. The year was marked by some big events and some small shifts. It was an Olympic year and an election year, causing both patriotic unity and a country divided. Although we may be inclined to focus on the second let us not forget the first. We are human beings, and although we disagree and may show our worst sides at many times, we can also show our best. The recent tragedies in Newtown, CT show this to be true, as does the current Christmas season of joy and thanksgiving. Let us learn from our failures and misfortunes, but hold close in our heart the times when we felt a unity and joy as God’s people.

It’s okay to get swept up in the end of year spirit – that spirit of smiling on the joys and crying for the sorrows of the past, yet still looking ahead to a bright, new future. This IS your year! Every year is. We are chosen over and over by our God to be the Kingdom on Earth, shining light into the darkness of the world.

May this year bring us ever closer as a human family and as the Body of Christ. For, as Paul said to the Corinthians: “As it is, there are many parts, but one body”.  May we not forget this truth as we enter 2013; that we are many but still remain one in God’s love.

-submitted by Sarah Deak, SPO Development Coordinator