Giving Our Worries to Our Lord

Our post today comes from SPO Alumna, Nicole Floetker. Nicole was involved with SPO while attending Ohio Dominican University and now works as a Youth Minister at St. Patrick Catholic Church and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. "Nothing steals God's glory more than worrying believers who are driven through life by fear." -Louie Giglio

Each day, as the sun comes up, we are presented with a choice. We can chose to spend our day anxious, fretting about the things to get done, upset about the bad things that happen, or we can spend our day rejoicing in the overflowing gifts of God. When we choose the first option, our attention is on ourselves. We become self-centered and trapped in our own world of worries. I’ll be the first to admit that every day is filled with its share of worries, mishaps, miscommunications, frustrations, disappointments, and fears. But, when we chose to dwell on that, we steal God’s glory, we steal God’s power, and we make Him a little, tiny God who can’t do much of anything. We say that the God who can move mountains can’t heal our paper cut, overcome our bad grade on a test, or give us patience when we’re driving through traffic.

So, what if, we instead chose the second option? What if we decided to live every day in Thanksgiving, no matter how good or bad? What if instead of being concerned with whether or not we’re holy enough, we praise the holiness of God?

FiF girls laughing 2
FiF girls laughing 2

A psalmist once wrote,

“Seventy is the sum of our years,

Or eighty, if we are strong;

Most of them are toil and sorrow;

They pass quickly, and we are gone” (Psalm 90:10)

At first you almost have to laugh at how pessimistic this person must be. But on second glance, it seems a challenge from God. In all reality, most of our days are “toil and sorrow” - think of all the bad things that happen in one day (if you’re having trouble, see the list above). But God isn’t asking us to dwell in self-pity, He’s saying, “make the best of it and at the end of your earthly life be welcomed into My loving arms!”

When we realize how quickly our lives pass and how little our daily annoyances are, we begin to see the glory of God unfolding before our eyes. And as we see His glory more fully we begin to understand that the beauty of the setting sun far outweighs the bad grade on our test, a deep conversation with a good friend is more powerful than the pain of a paper cut, and your favorite song on the radio is much stronger than the annoyance of traffic. So find joy in the little things, laugh at something stupid, forget about the bad and drink in the good, because when we do we will fall more deeply in love with the God who loves us.

-submitted by Nicole Floetker, SPO Alumna