Don’t Make Jesus Wait – Walk with Him this Holy Week

Holy Week Blog Post
Holy Week Blog Post

Here we are at the end of Lent.   I feel like Lent hardly just begun, and I’m sure many people can relate to this feeling.  School, work, friends, family, volunteering, and more to keep up with: life gets so busy that it’s hard enough to carve out time for everything, never mind enter in to our liturgical seasons.   However, despite how busy we are, the Lord’s patience and love for us is never failing.  As we rush through our lives, trying to get everything done, Jesus is there through the midst of everything, waiting for us, on the cross.  He is always calling out for us, whispering love into our hearts.  But how often do we take the time to stop our being busy and go to Him, walk with Him?  How silly we seem; we are so reluctant to make our bosses or our professors wait on us, but yet we are willing, far too often, to make the King of the Universe wait for us. Hopefully, through this Lenten season you’ve had the chance to stop having Jesus wait - going to Him and seeking Him instead.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this Lenten season to the full, I want to encourage you to not give up yet; the best is yet to come!  We are in the richest week of the year (in my humble opinion), the week leading up to the celebration of our salvation, aptly named Holy Week.   In this great week, we are presented with the unique opportunity to literally walk through the week with Jesus.

We began our walk with Christ on Palm Sunday, celebrating his goodness and victory with palms.  Reflect on how bittersweet this day is.  Keep walking through the week with the Lord, feeling the anticipation the next few days bring.  On Holy Thursday, taste and see as Jesus lays down his life for us in the Eucharist.   Keep watch with the Lord for Good Friday, for his agony, his passion, and his death.  On Saturday, reflect on the Lord’s goodness for all he endured, especially through the Holy Week, for our sake, to save us and show His love for us.   And rejoice of course on Easter Sunday!  How beautiful is our faith and the Church that the very set up of this week invites us in to walk with Jesus through his final days and set aside our busy lives for the greatest drama the world has ever known.

Let us set aside our business, at least for this week, and stop asking the Lord to wait for us, but instead walk with Him.

-Sara Huggett, SPO Missionary Corps and Household Member