Introducing SPO’s New Home!

SPO is now the proud owner of a house located in the shadow of The Ohio State University in Columbus that will serve as a base for evangelizing college students! All of this has only been possible through the vision, leadership and tremendous generosity of two families, who in their humility would like to remain anonymous. Their transformational investments have provided the financing to realize this dream and for their partnership we are profoundly grateful and humbled by the abundant provision of our great God! We are confident that this strategic development will fundamentally transform our missionaries’ ability to evangelize college students at OSU for years to come. For years, our SPO Ohio Missionaries have been dreaming about having a base for evangelization closer to OSU’s campus, closer to the freshmen and sophomores in the south campus dorms, and closer to the fraternities and sororities. Our dream is to bring the light of Christ to these places that - now more than ever – need voices to bring the most important truth and vision for life found in Jesus Christ. This dream is now a reality – and it is even better than we first imagined – as SPO will be sending missionaries to live and evangelize in the heart of the social culture of OSU.


The actual house is almost 5000 square feet, has 11 bedrooms and plenty of space for prayer gatherings, Bible Studies, parties and barbeques to invite students to “come and see” the abundant life in Christ! And the location couldn’t be more perfect! At 65 East 13th Avenue, this house is 5 houses from the brand new Ohio Union and is flanked by the heavily freshmen populated south campus dorms to the south and Fraternity Row to the north. With our official program from this house launching in August 2014, we are in the midst of developing exciting plans for renovations, remodeling and programming that will maximize the effectiveness of this opportunity for the future of SPO’s mission at OSU. We know this will not only impact the Ohio mission, but that the excitement and the fruit of this initiative will impact our mission to bring the Catholic Faith Alive on Campus nationwide!

Find out more about our plans for SPO’s future at OSU by contacting us at 614-352-2440 or!

Without your prayers, financial support and help in spreading the word about SPO, our mission would not be possible! Thank you for all that you do to partner and invest in the SPO Missionaries on campuses across the United States!