SPO Awards 2013 Missionaries of the Year

Each year, SPO proudly honors two outstanding Student Missionaries for their dedication to spreading the Gospel message and living out the SPO values of community and servant leadership. This year was no exception as two outstanding students were awarded the honor of Missionary of the Year!

Kara Shockey – Junior, English and Renaissance Studies, OSU


Kara became involved with Saint Paul’s Outreach her sophomore year through attending events and growing in relationship with some of the SPO women. Ever since, Kara has been giving of her time and talent to help this ministry she loves grow. This school year, Kara moved in to one of the two SPO Women’s Households, fully embracing a life of service to her Household members and peers. Mission Leader Terry Cahalan shared about Kara’s conviction when presenting her with this award:

“Kara serves generously. She's always stepping in to fill in where help is needed…(and) Kara has a heart for relationships. She loves others so well and uses her relationships as a vessel to share the Lord with others. Kara is always spending time with people, getting to know them, having coffee with them. I have seen her relationships impact others and draw them nearer to Christ, and now many of them are out impacting the lives of others and drawing them nearer to Christ.”


David Bethel – Senior, Soil Science, OSU

David was all-in for SPO since his first encounter his sophomore year of college. Despite not officially being a Household member, David was a permanent fixture at the Men’s Household and was fully participating in community life. So great was his devotion to the SPO community and its mission, that David moved in to Household mid-year his junior year, even if that did mean sleeping on the floor for a semester. David’s energy and love for his fellow men is contagious. And his will to serve is undeniable.

Mission Leader Brent Diller had this is share about David:

"(After attending SNE)... David knew he had to respond to what God had been doing in his life and the next step was to move into Household to be supported and make a larger investment in the mission at Ohio State. We didn't have any open beds for the rest of the quarter but David was willing to bunk in a room with three other guys and sleep on the floor until a bed opened up the next quarter. His willingness to make sacrifices to carry out what God is calling him to do is really what allows him to be so effective as a student missionary.

David is constantly striving to be generous with his time and what God has given him. I have seen this benefit many men that he regularly meets with as he invites them into his life. The final thing I really want to honor David for is his joy. This joy comes from his deep and personal relationship with Jesus and is oh, so contagious. You cannot be around David for more than 5 minutes and not see the joy with which he lives his life...The joy that David exhibits in his life helps encourage people to take  that next step and leads people to curiosity. If a Christian is not joyful why would anyone want to follow Jesus? David, through his joy, gives real tangible evidence to the fruit of living a life for Christ."

SPO wished many blessings upon Kara and David, and we are so thankful to have them as part of the SPO community!