Fasting With Our Eyes Set on Jesus

Crucifix at the men's household, Antioch

Crucifix at the men's household, Antioch

By Guy Davis, Senior at The Ohio State University

Living in Household is incredible!  I am constantly inspired to greatness by the men who surround me.  For the first time in my life, I understand the beauty of the Lenten season.  Lent use to be a time for me to “white knuckle” through, giving up things that I should already be doing, like not eating fast food or substituting napping for exercise.  I used Lent as a time for me, to get my life in order.  This isn’t necessarily bad, but I’ve discovered a richer meaning to the Lenten season.

Our Catholic Church gives us this beautiful season to grow closer to Jesus Christ and glorify Him.  My whole perspective shifted when one of the guys in Household told me that, “We should fast in a way that focuses our eyes on Jesus Christ.” I realized upon hearing these words that I had always fasted because of Jesus; the Church taught it, so I did it.  I never made the connection to fast for Jesus in a way that allows me to focus on Jesus.

When we train our eyes on the Lord and dedicate our sacrifice to Him, we give Him glory.  We find inspiration to make more meaningful and purifying fasts, not simply just to give up a simple pleasure as a self-improvement, like fast food, drinking, or cursing.  When we fast and set our eyes on Jesus, we say “I need You more than I need this thing that I enjoy; yes, it brings me pleasure, but You bring me joy and peace.”  Prayer, like the Rosary or daily Mass, begins to accompany our fasts, and we notice our brothers and sisters in need, and are inspired to help.

When we decide to be proactive with our fasts, we realize that through Christ we are made for greatness, and we dedicate our lives to pleasing Him.  Like all things that we dedicate to the Lord, our fasts become more powerful, more meaningful, and more pure. As we continue to prepare ourselves to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday, I pray that we can all grow in faith and in relationship with Him by fasting with our eyes set on Jesus!