6:00p - Registration
7:00p - Opening Session
8:25p - Break
8:40p - Session 1
9:30p - Small Group
10:15p - Fellowship


8:00a - Breakfast
9:00a - Session 2
10:00a - Break
10:10a - Session 3
10:40a - Small Group
11:30a - Lunch
12:25p - Adoration & Confession
1:45p - Recreation Time
4:25p - Session 4
5:00p - Small Groups
6:00p - Dinner
7:30p - Evening Activity
10:00p - Fellowship


8:00a - Mass
9:15a - Breakfast
10:15a - Fanned into Flame
11:00a - Break
11:10a - Session 5
11:35a - Small Groups
12:10p - Open Mic
1:00p - Departure


Sessions: Talks will be given about diving into a life filled with the Holy Spirit, creating a rich community together, and the importance of daily prayer.

Small Groups: Students will be assigned to a group of 4-7 of their peers led by a SPO Staff member or student leader. Small groups provide an opportunity to discuss the content of the retreat and to offer each other support and guidance throughout the weekend.

Recreation Time/Fellowship/Breaks: There are many opportunities for students to grow in brotherhood and sisterhood together throughout the weekend.

Sacraments: Mass, adoration, and confession will all be offered at various times throughout the weekend.