Forming Intentional Disciples

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"I have read 'Forming Intentional Disciples' --- my review - it's good. - it reaffirms aspects of our approach - particularly the centrality of personal relationship with Jesus and conversion --- and in places the importance of 'community'. - I would say that it's stronger in the 'call' department than the 'form' department. It's not really a book on how to form disciples - but actually how to get people to a place where they are serious about being disciples -- namely conversion." - Br. Ken Apuzzo

"We went through 'Forming Intentional Disciples' as a staff last year. It is very helpful in describing a simple way to understand the stages of spiritual development that lead someone to being ready for formation. The first chapter's statistical summary of Catholicism is also sobering but very helpful" - Gordy DeMarais

"The first half of the book gives sobering statistics about the current lack of effective evangelization in Catholic parish life. The stats are useful for you as you think about writing fundraising letters. One strong point Weddell makes is that Catholic schooling isn't sufficient to keep people in the Church. What makes a difference? The faith choices people make during their college years. The second half of the book gives useful thresholds for evangelization - how to speak to people at different stages of spiritual life and growth. Very usable for the work we're doing!" - Br. Adam Neri


How can we transmit a living, personal Catholic faith to future generations? By coming to know Jesus Christ, and following him as his disciples.

These are times of immense challenge and immense opportunity for the Catholic Church.

Consider these statistics for the United States.

  • Only 30 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing.
  • Fully 10 percent of all adults in America are ex-Catholics.
  • The number of marriages celebrated in the Church decreased dramatically, by nearly 60 percent, between 1972 and 2010.
  • Only 60 percent of Catholics believe in a personal God.

If the Church is to reverse these trends, the evangelizers must first be evangelized-in other words, Catholics-in-the-pew must make a conscious choice to know and follow Jesus before they can draw others to him. This work of discipleship lies at the heart of Forming Intentional Disciples, a book designed to help Church leaders, parish staff and all Catholics transform parish life from within. 

Drawing upon her fifteen years of experience with the Catherine of Siena Institute, Sherry Weddell leads readers through steps that will help Catholics enter more deeply into a relationship with God and the river of apostolic creativity, charisms, and vocation that flow from that relationship for the sake of the Church and the world.

Learn about the five thresholds of postmodern conversion, how to open a conversation about faith and belief, how to ask thought-provoking questions and establish an atmosphere of trust, when to tell the Great Story of Jesus, how to help someone respond to God's call to intentional discipleship, and much more.

And be prepared for conversion because when life at the parish level changes, the life of the whole Church will change.

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