But I Have Called You Friends

Why Read It?

"This is a series of formation talks that Mother Mary Francis P.C.C. had given to her sisters, and it has been transcribed into a book. It is a deep reflection on the gift of intentional friendship and community life, and teaches about virtuous friendships based in prayer and service. She is enjoyable to read, her stories are humorous, her advice honest, and her love for Jesus clear." - Maggie Vettel

"Although this book is addressed to women living in a cloistered religious community, the direction and insight Mother Mary shares is for all women striving to live any type of community life. It convicted me, and inspired paradigm shifts in how I myself was seeing sisterhood, and thus how I was trying to build sisterhood as a student missionary, mission leader, and women's mission director. I have yet to find another book that so simply, honestly, and directly brings to light assumptions, and actions that bring division among women already desiring holiness and sisterhood, as well as articulating the necessity and joys of being sisters in Christ." - Anna DeMarais


In these gentle, simple, yet profound conferences, Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C., explores both the necessity and the difficulty of Christian friendship.

Friendship is the basis of all fruitful love, she wrote. Whether we are single or married, priest or religious, the Lord himself called us his friends and commanded us to be the friends of one another.

Mother explained the reason this command is so difficult: knowing, understanding, and respecting another person are necessary for loving him, and these things take time. We must be friends if we are to love.

With this small volume, Mother Mary Francis inspires us and helps us to be patient by revealing both the demands and the rewards of our vocation to love and be loved.

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