Time For God

Why Read It?

"This Catholic priest and author takes higher concepts of prayer and makes them simpler for today's generation. He teaches us what prayer is and how simple it is to do it if we stay faithful. This is a book that can be used to teach students how to pray." - Jimmy Abreu

"This is a simple yet spiritually deep look at how to approach personal prayer. This would a be great resource for us as missionaries to focus on the core of why we pray and how to approach prayer as so often we complicate it, but it also a great resource to offer students learning how to pray." - Megan Hastings

"Simple without being simplistic. Very deep but written even for a beginner. Perhaps the best, most practical and spiritual book I've ever read about prayer. "Perseverance in mental prayer, according totes unanimous testimony of all the saints, is the narrow get that opens the Kingdom of Heaven to us." Best to read only a few pages at a time, at the most, since there is so much contained in each paragraph." - Ed Moccia


Have you ever felt unsure about how to pray or frustrated by dryness in your time of prayer? Do you read about the prayer of the saints and feel discouraged that your own prayer life is so mundane? Would you like to pray better? This book will help. Written in a simple and modern style, author Jacques Philippe draws on years of experience as a spiritual guide to illuminate the fundamental principles of true prayer and describes some common mistakes and misconceptions that can lead it astray. Time for God provides real help for anyone wanting to make better use of their time with God. “Today’s believers need a presentation of the Church’s traditional teaching that is simple and easily accessible, adapted to today’s outlook and expressed in today’s language. Such a presentation also needs to take account of the pedagogy that God in his wisdom is using today to lead souls to holiness; it is not always the same as in past centuries. These, then, are the reasons which moved me to write this book." --Rev. Jacques Philippe, from the introduction

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