The Cross and the Switchblade


"Great inspirational story of the power of God and baptism in the Holy Spirit and use of Spiritual gifts for the building of the kingdom and helping people to heal and change. If we give our yes to pursuit of holiness and discipleship and offer our lives to God - there is no telling how he might use us for amazing things. To this day, millions have been rescued from addiction and death and given new life in the power of the Holy Spirit by the Yes of pastor Wilkerson and the work of what has become Teen Challenge." - Sam Schoenfelder


Fifty years ago, when a lanky country preacher stepped onto the gang-ridden streets of New York City, most people thought he had gone over the edge. But David Wilkerson had faith that God was leading him and never looked back. Today his inner-city ministry, Teen Challenge, boasts residential and crisis counseling centers in more than seventy countries. Its Christian discipleship program has restored hope to tens of thousands of men and women with drug or alcohol addiction.

Since its original 1963 publication, The Cross and the Switchblade has sold more than 15 million copies. Wilkerson's story continues to inspire renewed faith in God's ability to overcome problems that even the most determined human efforts cannot resolve.


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