Habitudes of An Effective Communicator


"In our work we do a fair amount of talking in front of staff and students. If you'd like practical guidance on learning how to communicate well I recommend you read this book!" - Jimmy Abreu


More robust than the other Habitudes, this new book is filled with sixteen communication principles and images, to be read, discussed and applied as a team. Each chapter contains discussion questions as well as personal application and practical suggestions for you to use to develop your communication. In the Habitudes of an Effective Communicator you will learn: How to captivate even young audiences with your message. How to walk listeners through the mental "seasons" of a presentation. How to feel poised from start to finish during your delivery. How to get your point across in a matter of minutes. How to engage people at the heart level and foster life-change. How to craft the stages of a message which will prepare listeners to act. How to motivate listeners to "own" your message. Habitudes for Communicators is ideal to use for discussion and training among: School Faculty, Business Executives and Leaders, Pastoral Staff, Communication and Leadership Classes for Students


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