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1) When does registration open?
Registration opens March 1, 2018.

2) When is the registration deadline? What if I miss it?
The final day to register is July 1, 2018. If you miss the date and would still like to register, you will need to email directly.

3) Do I have to complete my registration all in one sitting? Or can I save it and come back to it?
You are able to start your registration and the website will save it for you as long as you click “Save” at the bottom of the page that you are on. You can then use the link that was sent to you in your email to go back to where you left off.

4) What is your cancellation policy?
If you decide to cancel, you can receive a full refund, minus your $50 non-refundable deposit.

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1) How does the payment process work?
We'll email you an invoice from Paypal shortly after you register. Paypal will instruct you how to pay online, or you can also pay by check. You have until July 14, 2018 to make your payment or you'll be charged a $50 late fee.

2) What if I am paying with a group?
Your group leader should receive an invoice for the entire group. If you are paying with a group and you still receive an individual payment slip, please contact us at immediately.

3) How do I pay online?
You will receive an invoice in your email inbox from Paypal. Open it and follow the directions to the Paypal website and submit your payment info online.

4) Why are there different pay levels?
There is a cost increase after May 1 and June 1. The sooner you sign up, the easier it is to make proper accommodations for you. The later you sign up, the harder it is to make the same accommodations. If you have questions about your total cost, please talk to your local SPO Chapter Leader or Missionary.

5) When is my payment due?
Your payment is due no later than July 14, 2018.

6) When does the late fee apply?
If we do not receive your payment by July 14, 2018, you will be charged a late fee of $50.

7) If I miss the payment date, can I still come?
Yes, you will need to pay the late fee but will still be able to attend.

8) Can I pay at registration?
Yes, we will accept payment at registration. However, since it will be past the payment deadline, you will be charged an extra $50.

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1) I will be flying to SNE. What airport should I fly into?
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP).

2) What are the optimal times to plan for arrival and departure?
Plan on arriving in St. Paul between 12-3pm on Sunday, August 5 and flying out the morning (or later) of Saturday, August 11.

3) Is there a shuttle to/from St. Olaf College?
We will be offering a shuttle service to/from MSP to St. Olaf. More details regarding exact times and how to sign up will be sent in an email. Make sure to arrive/depart within the suggested time frames so you can catch a shuttle! If you need a ride outside of the listed shuttle times please plan on taking a cab or asking a friend.

4) Where do I fill out my travel info?
You can fill out your travel info HERE. Even if you don't need transportation please fill out this form. We might ask for your transport help if you have a car.

5) I will be arriving late; where should I go to register?
Please notify if you are arriving late. We will direct you on where to register. There will also be announcements made during session announcements.

6) When do I need to submit my travel info by?
July 14, 2018.

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1) What does a typical day at SNE look like?
- Breakfast - 7:00 am
- Morning Prayer - 7:45 am
- Personal Prayer - 8:15 am
- Training Session - 9:30 am
- Training Session - 11:00 am
- Lunch - 12:00 pm
- Training Session - 1:30 pm
- Free Time / Recreation - 2:15 pm
- Daily Mass - 5:15 pm
- Dinner - 6:00 pm
- Evening Activity - 8:00 pm
- Night Prayer - 10:15 pm

2) Will there be free time?
Yes, most days will include free time in the afternoon.

3) What sort of talks will there be?
We’ll receive spiritual and practical training on a variety of topics, including relational evangelization and leading small groups. Check out the talks from last year on our Media page.

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1) What's the plan for parking during SNE? Where should I park my car during the day/night?
Overnight parking is permitted in Skoglund/Tostrud Athletic Center parking lots. You will receive a map with these areas highlighted and upon registering, we will direct you where to park.

2) Where will I be sleeping/eating?
We will all be staying in a few different dorms at St. Olaf College. You will be directed to your assigned dorm when you turn up to registration. All meals will be in Buntrock Commons.

3) Are the rooms safe? Can I leave my belongings in there?
There will be keys to the buildings, but not the individual rooms. We ask that you not leave valuables in the rooms while you are gone during the day. There will be staff in and out of the building. Please plan accordingly when you are deciding what to bring/not bring.

4) Is there air conditioning in the rooms where we are staying?
There is no air conditioning in the dorms at St. Olaf College. We encourage you to bring fans!

5) Can I pick my roommate?
No. SPO leaders will pair you with someone who seems like a good fit. This is a way to build community amongst a large group in a short time.

6) Do I need to bring bedding?
No, St. Olaf College will provide bedding for each person.

7) Are the meals covered in my registration fee? Do I need to bring extra spending money?
Yes, meals are covered. However, please plan for your travel days. There are also nearby restaurants in Northfield for you to try!

8) If I drive to SNE, will I need to transport people while I am there?
We do ask that those who brought cars consider driving others around if necessary. This is not likely but a possibility. Your help is always appreciated!

9) If I have severe food allergies, should I bring my own food?
Please note your food allergies on the registration form. We will most likely be able to accommodate your needs, as the cafeterias usually have a wide array of options. However, if your allergies are severe, we may recommend you bring some of your own food. We will notify you if this is the case.

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1) I hear there is a dress code. What's the scoop?
SNE is a time set apart to seek God and grow in spiritual and personal maturity. As such, we aim to 'dress the part' during our times of prayer, teaching, and liturgy. We're asking that you wear "nice" clothes (smart casual) for morning prayer, classes, and Mass. For men, this means collared shirts and pants. For ladies, this means nice shirts (no spaghetti straps) and pants or skirts. Jeans are fine as long as they don't have holes.

You will also want to bring one or two particularly nice outfits (ties, dress shirts, pants, and shoes for men and nice dresses for women) for the opening Mass and closing Mass and Banquet.

2) What should I bring?
A packing list will be provided for you a couple weeks before SNE begins.

3) Who comes to SNE?
SNE trains students from SPO Chapters and beyond to be leaders in evangelization on campus!

4) Do I have to be involved in an SPO Chapter to attend SNE?
Not necessarily. However, those who are connected to SPO at their campus do get first priority to reserved spaces. If you are interested, and not connected to an SPO/BOH Chapter, we encourage you to email for more information.

5) Can I fundraise my SNE fee?
Yes, you can! Please make sure you talk to your local SPO missionary so they can help you with an action plan for fundraising. Also, here are some important guidelines to follow if you decide to fundraise:
- We do not consider donations to be tax deductible (as they are going towards an individual's fee).
- You must collect all checks (made payable to SPO) and send them to SPO NHQ (5814 Blackshire Path, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076) in one envelope along with any remaining balance, such that your full payment comes in one envelope.
- You will automatically receive a Paypal invoice for your SNE fee, you can contact if you plan to fundraise your fee.

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