Joseph D'Amato


Title: Development Officer

Mission Center: Kansas


Joe never wanted to be a Saint Paul's Outreach Missionary. He graduated with a degree in Business Management from Kean University, a small state school in New Jersey. A New Jersey native, Joe had started a landscaping company that was on track to provide financially and fulfill his childhood dreams. However, after some circumstantial changes in his personal life during senior year of college, Joe experienced a profound call and conviction that God was calling him to lay down two of his post college years to serve this mission. Joe had lived in an SPO men’s Household for three years and been involved with the outreach at Seton Hall University, so he knew both the need for college outreach and the awesome approach SPO has to providing support and formation for students to live out their faith. After spending his first year working at Benedictine College, Joe spent his second year starting the Johnson County Community College Chapter in Kansas City.

Joe's hobbies include running, playing guitar, listening to music, spending time with his family, working outside, and having conversations with people. One of the most meaningful verses from scripture for him has been a line from St. Paul: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Joe's prayer is that his life will not be defeated or afraid of evil, but that he can stand amidst it as a loving and faithful witness to Jesus Christ.

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