Katie Burke


Title: National Property Manager, Communications Coordinator

Mission Center: National Headquarters

Contact: katie.burke@spo.org

One of five kids, Katie’s always been the one to take charge and do everything. Thankfully, this desire for control has served her well: prior to joining Saint Paul's Outreach, she established the communications position at Holy Family Catholic High School (2002-2008) and expanded communications and marketing initiatives at Third Wave Systems (2008-2013). On the other hand, her personality also tends to generate an inordinate number of pet peeves: knuckle-cracking, grammatical errors, people licking their thumbs before sorting papers, inconsistent driving speeds, and the use of Papyrus font, just to name a few.

Her family instilled a strong sense of faith from day one, but that faith truly found a home in Katie when she began participating in the Bible studies. After exhausting the available courses, she next dove into "non-Bible studies" focused on the Traditions of the Church, the Rediscover initiative through the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, and completed a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.