Greg Schiffer


Title: Vice President for Administration

Mission Center: National Headquarters


Greg Schiffer lives in West Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is married with six children and five grandchildren. He spent 21 years working in finance for three Fortune 500 companies across three different industries. Later he transitioned to the small business marketplace for thirteen years. Greg has created numerous companies and provided consulting serves to the small business entrepreneur. As a young adult, he was very involved in campus ministry at the universities of Saint Thomas and Minnesota. Over the years, Greg came to know some of the Saint Paul's Outreach staffers and frequently heard stories of the many wonderful things the Lord has been doing through the SPO's mission. He joined SPO as a part time consultant in 2013, and in November of 2015 was invited to expand his role in a full time capacity as its Chief Financial Officer, and in January of 2018 he assumed the role of Vice President for Administration. Greg is delighted to be part of the SPO team and looks forward to doing his part to support and advance the mission of Saint Paul's Outreach.