Registration Deadline: May 10th

100% Prep-work Completion Deadline: May 25th

Spiritually Healthy. Vision Driven. Fully Funded.

One integral dimension of your training this summer is to develop a team of supporters who get behind the mission of SPO. Between the time you are hired and when you arrive to Missionary Training (MT) on May 28th you will need to make intense preparations for the upcoming summer season. One critical component of that is called: the Support Raising Solutions (SRS) Bootcamp which is an intensive three-day program designed to get you spiritually healthy, vision driven, and fully funded. In order to prepare well for your Bootcamp experience you will need to prepare yourself thoroughly. The 4 preparation requirements are listed on the New Missionaries MPD page. The page you are currently on will provide info on the first (of 4) requirement(s): register for and complete 100% of the SRS Bootcamp Online Prep-work.

Rest assured, we want to walk with you along the way; your MPD journey sets the stage for your on campus experience. To guide you throughout the prepwork and training, you will be led by three certified MPD Facilitators. In order to assist you in your current efforts and walk with you throughout the summer, you will also be paired with a MPD coach who will assist you throughout the summer and your first full year of service with SPO. Preparatory materials will be provided by both SPO and SRS.

Contact us at or (651) 451-6114 with any questions or concerns. We’re praying for you in this time of transition and are excited to see you at Missionary Training in May!

Still a little hazy on this whole “Support Raising” gig? Read more.

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1) What is it?
Saint Paul's Outreach Missionaries fundraise on behalf of the organization by building a “support team." This typically includes family, friends, and other personal contacts. The funds you raise enable SPO to compensate you for your service and are reflected in your pay.

2) When is it?
During the 2nd week of our 5 week training, you will attend SPO's Support Raising Bootcamp (more information to come). Following training, you will spend 5+ weeks in July and August raising support full-time, in order to reach your Vision Drive Goal by your campus’ summer leadership training.

3) Why is it important?
Nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of individuals to provide the fuel for the mission. It is the same in the Church and in Saint Paul’s Outreach. Without raising funds, SPO would cease to exist. We believe that it is highly beneficial for all Missionaries to be involved in raising the necessary resources for the mission in various ways. It is not just something that a handful of specialists do; we are all in it together.  Furthermore, fundraising doesn't just fuel the mission; it is mission. Evangelizing someone on campus and asking an individual to be a financial partner both involve a relationship-based invitation to commit to be a part of what God is doing. Helping a donor participate in the mission is a truly great service to them. It provides them with a concrete way in which to participate in the New Evangelization and receive grace through it. We should therefore have great confidence and joy in our role as fundraisers. It is a privilege from God – a sacred trust that is to be stewarded with great care. Saint Paul’s Outreach is one of many ministries that employ Mission Partner Development as a component of their overall fundraising strategy. There are many advantages to MPD in particular, including:

- Involving Missionaries in taking ownership of the fundraising mission.
- Allowing more donors to become involved in the mission of SPO, which is beneficial to them and to SPO.
- Enabling the mission to expand more quickly through a replicable funding model.
- Helping Missionaries to be more articulate and professional.
- Providing a network of partners who will not only give financially, but who will also support the Missionaries in prayer and through relationships.

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