Augustine Calvino


Title: Mission Leader

Mission Center: New Jersey

Chapter: Seton Hall University


Augustine grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb west of Chicago. He always loved soccer, saxophone, and math, as well as most things outdoors. Through his math team, he developed an interest in programming, and hence decided to pursue degrees in Math and Computer Science at Benedictine College in Kansas.

Though fairly successful at most things, late high school brought Augustine a period of emptiness and boredom with life. He didn't want to just walk through college, career, and family because that's what people do; he wanted a good reason and couldn't see one. Though he was raised in the Catholic faith, he did not understand what difference it made and how he could know it was true.

At Benedictine, something was awakened inside Augustine.  He felt more alive and joyful. A couple months into his first semester God broke into his life with the reality that he is loved freely and unconditionally. Augustine realized that the community of love around him had been the presence of God's love in his life. He saw that the fostering of this love was the difference the Catholic faith makes. And he saw that reflecting this love he had received was his purpose going forward.

Desiring to give back, and seeing the opportunity before him, Augustine served a year with NET Ministries, a Catholic youth retreat ministry. This experience deepened in Augustine the virtues of true faith and selfless love, calling him to live an outward facing life and showing him the beauty of the missionary life. When he came back to Benedictine College to finish his degrees, his heart continued to burn with desire to waste time on relationships of love. He found a place to exercise this by living in Household with Saint Paul's Outreach and serving as a Student Missionary with them. Approaching graduation, Augustine knew he wanted to continue this life full time, and God called him to do it by continuing with Saint Paul's Outreach as a Mission Leader

Augustine has been assigned to Seton Hall University in New Jersey, where he will continue to invite and teach students to entrust their lives to God and dedicate themselves to lives of love.