Ben Huntley


Title: Chapter Leader

Chapter: Texas State University


Ben was born and raised in the city of Appleton, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a degree in architecture. He was raised in a Catholic family, but for most of his life the term "Catholic" meant only that he had to go to Mass on Sundays. While he was in high school, Ben attended the National Catholic Youth Conference and realized that being Catholic was actually an identity that was deeper than he had ever imagined. Still, when he arrived at the University of Minnesota, Ben quickly became overwhelmed and distracted by many of the things a large state school (third largest in the country!) had to offer, including classes, playing on the Gopher rugby team, and new friends.

It was easy for Ben to begin to fall away from his faith like many other college students. Fortunately, through a freshman event he came across Saint Paul's Outreach and a community of people who caught him off guard by their joy and love for one another. Realizing that despite his busyness something deep was missing, Ben quickly became involved in Saint Paul's Outreach. Through community, service, prayer, and friendship, Ben's eyes were once again opened to the true and deep meaning of what it meant to be a Catholic Christian. He is excited to now be serving as a missionary for Saint Paul's Outreach and hopes to be able to share his experiences of the Catholic Church with other students and help bring them into relationship with Jesus Christ.

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