Courtney Roth


Title: Chapter Leader

Mission Center: Northeast

Chapter: Seton Hall University


Courtney Roth is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and freshly graduated from THE Ohio State University with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Russian.  She is known to speak with foreign accents, her favorite being British. She also tends to narrate her daily activities with a French accent, intimidate her "enemies" with her Russian accent, depict her intelligence and sophistication with a British accent, and make people feel at home with a country accent. Indian and Irish accents are known to make an appearance on really fun days.  She loves books, music, yoga, coffee/ tea, and will quote SpongeBob on the reg.  She also loves the granola life - nothing makes her feel more whole than Jesus, mountains, and eating whole foods (actual food, not the grocery store. Although that place is great, it's fairly overpriced so she recommends Trader Joe's). 

Courtney came back to the Catholic Church her senior year of high school (shout out to Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist).  Upon entering college, Jesus turned Courtney’s life upside down, removed things that cluttered and ultimately enslaved her heart, giving her the priceless gift of solid brothers and sisters with whom she got to experience a joy-filled, holy, and fun way of life.  Jesus set her free from a life of insecurities and loneliness, and rooted in her an identity as a daughter of God.  She chose to become a missionary because she wanted as many men and women to experience His incredible mercy and love as she does. Being a part of SPO's Formation program for 2 years and living in SPO's Household program her senior year of college changed the way she viewed Christian living. Faith is a multifaceted entity: you grow in holiness by coming to know and love and be loved by the Lord more each day; faith involves living in community and worshipping God together as His people, and includes being on mission for His Kingdom as disciples of Christ, so that others can come to know Jesus personally. Talk about a power-packed college experience. 

Courtney LOVES mountains and pine trees, but cacti are also slowing finding their place in her heart because Courtney will be serving at Texas State University!

Courtney Roth describes how Saint Paul's Outreach at OSU led her back to her Catholic Faith and into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Courtney's Testimony in the SNE 2015 Documentary