Danielle Fuller


Title: Missionary

Chapter: Benedictine College

Contact: danielle.fuller@spo.org

Danielle Fuller grew up in Atchison, KS, a small historic town in the northeast corner of the state. She was raised a cradle Catholic alongside her one younger sister, but it wasn’t until she attended Benedictine College, located in her hometown of Atchison, that she learned what it meant to be in relationship with Christ and follow Him for the rest of her life.

While pursuing a degree in Sociology with a minor in Education at Benedictine, Danielle came into contact with Saint Paul’s Outreach. Through the authentic and Christ- centered friendships she was shown and invited into through SPO, Danielle began to grow and deepen her relationships — not only with those around her, but with Christ.  This year Danielle will be returning to Benedictine College to serve as a missionary with Saint Paul’s Outreach.

Danielle loves to laugh, is super funny, like, all the time, and is perhaps the classiest act Atchison has ever seen. She’s a picky eater and is excited to return to Benedictine and her beloved hometown this year, especially because she loves all 3 of Atchison’s dining options! It is an honor for Danielle to have the opportunity to serve at the same place that impacted her so much. 

Once a Raven, Always a Raven!