Danielle Medina


Title: Missionary

Chapter: Johnson County Community College/ University of Missouri - Kansas City

Contact: danielle.medina@spo.org

Danielle hails from Gurnee, IL, a suburb north of Chicago, but more importantly it has Six Flags. She grew up in a Catholic family, but it wasn’t until she encountered SPO at Benedictine College in Kansas that her relationship with the Lord was brought to life. Through Household, intentional relationships, prayer, and worship, she came to realize that her life could no longer revolve around Avatar: The Last Airbender or her passion for potatoes, no sir, but that Jesus must be made the Lord of her heart. 

Mission was never something Danielle deemed to be her forte, and when asked by her mother if working for SPO was something she was interested in her freshman year, she replied, “Mom, are you kidding…are you joking………no.” Danielle is a perfect witness of the great work God can perform gradually over just a few years. When the opportunity to graduate early and work as a Mission Leader was presented to her as a junior, she had no second thoughts. Her prayer to love His people as He does had already begun to take root in her heart, and she is now ready and excited to give back to the students she encounters what was so abundantly poured into hers. 

Danielle has trouble making opinions about things, but when she can make an opinion, oh boy does she make it. She’s very passionate about animated films and TV shows, any documentary series about Michelin chefs, following inspiring artists on Instagram, potatoes and the many forms they can come in, and her pup, Chip. She’d love to talk to you about any one of these things. However, if you aren’t talking about one of these things, she might not know how to carry the conversation, so just a heads up. 

Danielle asks for your prayers as she sets about this new stage of life, but she’s also not even a little bit scared:

“I command you: Be strong and steadfast! Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9