Halie Burns


Title: Operations Missionary

Chapter: Seton Hall

Contact: halie.burns@spo.org

A Jersey girl through and through, Halie is entering her 7th year of studies at Seton Hall. After studying sociology and anthropology for her undergraduate, she decided to continue on to get her Master's degree in theology. This year she gets the opportunity to put all she is learning into practice by serving with Saint Paul's Outreach at the Seton Hall campus.

Halie encountered SPO her freshman year and, from that moment on, she knew this community was different. It was in becoming active as a household member and student leader that she started to realize who God created her to be.

'Full of life and joy' is only one apparent aspect of Halie. A couple other things you may not know is that she loves watching Korean dramas, painting, reading, having the willingness to try new things, and a complete belief that everyone should have Taylor ham at least once in their life- if only to know what they are missing out on.