Jayme Jones


Title: Operations Missionary

Chapter: University of St. Thomas

Contact: jayme.jones@spo.org


Jayme Jones grew up in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Having gone to public school her whole life, coupled with a poor attention span in early religion classes, Jayme did not have a lot of formation growing up when it came to her faith. It was during the summer before her sophomore year of high school that she first came to know the Lord. During that summer, the youth group at Jayme’s home parish went on its annual mission trip with Catholic Heart Work Camp. At the end of the week, Jayme listened to the upperclassmen recount moments throughout the week where they saw the Lord work. Something about the way that they were talking about Jesus made Jayme’s heart swell. She realized that one of the biggest differences between them and her was this passion...passion for the Lord. From that moment forward, Jayme got more and more involved in her high school youth group.

When it came time to apply to colleges, Jayme knew two things: 1) She was completely undecided about what she wanted to do in life; and 2) She wanted to stay Catholic. Eventually, Jayme decided to attend the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She knew that going to a Catholic university would offer her many chances to grow in her faith. Within the first few days after moving in, Jayme met Saint Paul’s Outreach. A simple knock on her door from two SPO women during her first day at college turned into a lifelong journey. Through various programs and events, coupled with her academic classes in Theology, Jayme received the formation that she had been longing for. However, what really changed her life was the community she found in SPO. Jayme quickly realized that there was this entire community that wanted to get to know her and (more importantly) wanted to see her grow in her relationship with God. Eventually, Jayme joined the SPO Women’s Household program her junior year, and eventually led a Household during her senior year. When it came time to decide what to do after graduation, Jayme had one motto: “All for God.”