Jenna Jahnke


Title: Women's Supervisor

Mission Center: Minnesota


Jenna hails from the glorious state of South Dakota where she grew up with her six brothers and sisters and parents. Coming to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota, Jenna graduated in December of 2008 with a Bachelors of Arts in English, Spanish, and Sociology. While in school, she met Saint Paul’s Outreach missionaries at a Student Activities Fair, and has been hooked ever since: their zeal and life in Christ was contagious. From her sophomore year onward, Jenna's college experience took on a new depth, as she saw how these college years are an absolute pivotal time for mission, witnessing, and growth in the Catholic Faith. Ever since she graduated, Jenna has been on staff as a Mission Leader and Mission Director. She met her wonderful husband, Matthew, through Saint Paul's Outreach, and was married in September 2011. Their baby, Margaret, was born in August 2013. Jenna currently serves as the Women's Supervisor in Minnesota.

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