Josiah Klas


Title: Recruiting Coordinator & University of Minnesota Support Staff

Mission Center: National Headquarters & Minnesota


While the rest of you slumbered in the early hours of April 9th 1993, Josiah arose during the morning’s primal hours to emerge a young man. This was the start of the popular colloquialism: The early bird gets born. Since then not much has happened to Josiah, besides his entire life. This includes but is not limited to: being raised in Minnesota, graduating from the University of St. Thomas, converting to Catholicism, answering the call to work for SPO, and most importantly, once shoving an entire ¾ of a loaf of bread in his mouth because his friend told him he couldn’t.

Josiah was homeschooled until the sixth grade, during which time he was honed into the textbook "Renaissance Man" of intellectual and physical prowess, attaining the somersault badge in Cub Scouts and perfecting the cursive “b” in the same day. Once college hit, Josiah encountered SPO the first semester of his freshman year. This resulted into a recommitment of living a life following Christ and soon after, a conversion to Catholicism. Since then Josiah has been tried in the crucible of Household and community life. Living in Household was exactly like growing up for Josiah, except there were six other dudes there… and his parents weren’t… and it was Catholic… and no one was impressed by either his cursive “b” or somersaults… Regardless, he quickly fell in love with community living and now considers SPO to be his Catholic family. Perhaps it was the early morning drone of Morning Prayer, or the culinary adventures of home-cooked “food” made by his peers for Household dinners that won over Josiah's heart, but in the end he stayed for the remaining three years of college in the Grand Men’s Household, lovingly referred to as “Home.”

Josiah looks fondly upon his years with SPO in college and awaits great adventures in Minnesota. The Lord has given him a great ride so far and the next year looks quite promising. He loves conversation and enjoys a good turn of phrase or short quip, owing his sense of humor to his father, James Matthew Santa Klas. Josiah likes to be outdoors and loves playing cards. He has a passion for Men’s ministry and feels truly blessed to be a part of the Lord’s work through SPO.