Katie Duncan


Title: Missionary

Chapter: Benedictine College

Contact: katie.duncan@spo.org

Katie Duncan grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado with her parents, two siblings and a dog. She moved to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to study Operations and Supply Chain Management and Spanish at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Katie grew up Catholic but it wasn't until she encountered Saint Paul's Outreach in college that she truly understood what it meant to be Catholic in every part of her life. Through the SPO community, she fell in love with the Lord, the Church and all of the people that the Lord has placed around her, and she is thrilled to now be serving at Benedictine College! Katie is passionate about sharing the joy and the light of the Lord and can almost always be found laughing at something. Her love of the mountains is unrivaled by almost everything except for Christmas, her family and of course, Jesus. Katie studied abroad in both Italy and Spain, and is always ready to talk about her love of traveling and the long list of places she still hopes to visit!