Kelsey Schimmel


Title: Mission Supervisor

Mission Center: National Headquarters, Northeast & Florida


Kelsey grew up in the beautiful farmland of Chippewa Falls, WI. In 2007, she went from backwoods to city life by attending the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work.

During Kelsey’s freshman year at St. Thomas, she was introduced to the community of Saint Paul's Outreach. An SPO student invited her to a Women's Night, where about 20 women gathered on campus to talk about their relationship with God and the depth of His love for them. At that moment Kelsey realized that these women were much different than average college students: they were dynamic, exciting, and striving for something that she wanted -- a life lived for Christ. Kelsey started attending all sorts of SPO events, lived in the SPO Household for two years, and reached out to her peers by being an SPO Student Missionary. After graduating, she joined SPO’s staff as a full-time missionary. She spent her first two years as a Mission Leader at Texas State University before returning to Minnesota where she serves as the Women's Mission Director for the University of Minnesota. 

Kelsey enjoys running, attending orchestral performances, and eating brunch while sipping good coffee.  She appreciates stunning sunsets, warm sweaters, snail mail, and authentic relationships.  Her new best friend is Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter Evangelii Gaudium.  A favorite quote from the Letter is found in paragraph 272:

“A committed missionary knows the joy of being a spring which spills over and refreshes others. Only the person who feels happiness in seeking the good of others, in desiring their happiness, can be a missionary…We do not live better when we flee, hide, refuse to share, stop giving and lock ourselves up in own comforts. Such a life is nothing less than slow suicide.”