Kim Esguerra


Title: Missionary

Mission Center: New Jersey

Chapter: Rutgers University


Kim is a born and raised Jersey girl, always eating the best bagels and pizzas throughout the land. She grew up going to Church on Sundays with her family and attending Catholic school her entire life. But it wasn't until college that she really found her faith. 

At the start of Kim's freshman year, she received an email from Saint Paul's Outreach and, without much thought, she went to one of their campus events. Upon meeting many students and mission leaders there, she quickly fell in love with the friendly and genuinely caring community. In her spring semester, the Lord was able to capture Kim's heart in a new and personal way on a Fan into Flame retreat, where she witnessed the Lord's power and all consuming love for each one of His sons and daughters. A few months afterwards, Kim eagerly attended the School of the New Evangelization where she gave her life to Christ and became one of His young bold disciples. 

Now, Kim's relationship with Jesus continues to grow. She thrives in knowing that she is loved by the King of kings, and she is honored that God would use her to help others know and thrive in that truth as well. Kim seeks to live her life by what Paul wrote to the Corinthians: "Follow me as I follow Christ." She is thankful to be serving at Rutgers University, where she can bring students to the Lord while still enjoying her favorite Jersey bagels!