Kristina Ulm


Title: Missionary

Chapter: Texas State University


Kristina Ulm was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati (UC).  From the start of college, Kristina was involved with the parish Newman Center at UC, but when she got connected with SPO at Ohio State, she encountered a community of students and missionaries in love with the Lord and zealous for mission.  It was here that she learned how to pray and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. During her senior year, Kristina was invited by the Lord to serve as an SPO missionary and after much prayer, gave the Lord a joyful yes! Kristina is eager to serve the women at Texas State University and invite them into the freedom she has experienced in her own life in the Catholic Church.  

In her free time, Kristina enjoys hiking and camping.  She has spent several weeks exploring National Parks across the country and hopes to one day visit them all.  She has a desire for adventure that has taken her to new heights on mountaintops and even jumping out of an airplane!  On a lazy Saturday, she can be found reading or cooking new recipes.