Emmanuel Sanchez


Title: Missionary

Chapter: Seton Hall

Contact: emmanuel.sanchez@spo.org

Originally from the busy city of Guadalajara, Mexico his family moved to Green Bay, WI when he was 6 and 3/4, probably to check out the snow situation and become adopted Packer Fans. He studied at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where he received a degree in Physics, and 2 minors in geography and astrophysics. He grew up playing soccer and still play as much as his body allows him to play, he hopes to one day be coaching soccer at some level. 


In college he continued to pursue his faith from a distance and wanted to just keep going to Sunday mass, however, his best friend from high school (and then college roommate) wanted more than that and eventually he began to do much more. This included things like going to an English mass as opposed to a Spanish mass, being involved in the Catholic Student group on campus and coming around to events held by Saint Paul’s Outreach. To his surprise, God took his small step forward in his faith life and has given more than he ever thought he would have. Eventually, he became involved with the CSU and SPO community at UMN and his senior year he served as president of CSU, a household member of SPO and applied to be a missionary! A couple fun facts about him are that he played soccer for the UMN club team, he rode his first roller coaster while still in diapers, he is the second youngest of 8 children, and he’s taken many fun classes at the UMN such as bowling, soccer, Tae Kwan DO, cooking and an outdoors class!