Mary Khadivi


Title: Missionary

Mission Center: Kansas City

Chapter: Benedictine College


Mary hails from Lenexa, Kansas where she grew up as the second of five children. From a young age, she was fortunate to see the teamwork dynamic of an interfaith marriage with a Catholic mother and a Muslim father. At the end of high school, she attended a retreat where a teacher encouraged the students to make specific goals for their spiritual life in college. She penned some holiness goals and took them to Johnson County Community College (JCCC) in the fall of 2012 as she began her college career with eventual hopes of admission into veterinary school.

In 2013, Mary was overjoyed to learn that SPO was sending missionaries to JCCC! SPO’s culture continually struck her because of each person’s intimate relationship with Jesus, creativity in planning fun events, and the culture of honoring one another. Quickly she discovered a new way of life and support in achieving the goals she made on that retreat a few years before. Mary continued to focus on veterinary school as she transferred to Kansas State University (KSU) and studied Animal Science. Her fondest memories from KSU include going on hikes with friends, delivering newborn lambs, and serving on her Newman Center’s leadership team. As graduation neared, she felt a deep desire to invite students into an intentional and communal way of life with the vibrant community she found in SPO.

Mary said “Yes!” to the Lord’s invitation to serve on staff with SPO because throughout her college career she constantly saw college students not being loved well and she loves the way SPO successfully addresses this need. Some of Mary’s passions include living life barefoot, listening to Persian music, swing dancing, and participating in deep and meaningful conversations with people. Mary’s enthusiasm for traveling recently took her from Hawaii to Japan and through central Europe. But now she’s incredibly excited to travel just an hour to Atchison, Kansas where the Lord has chosen for her to serve!

“I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”

-Mother Teresa