Michael Bielejeski


Title: Chapter Leader

Chapter: Northeastern University

Contact: michael.bielejeski@spo.org

Born and raised in Minnesota, Michael grew up as the sixth of eleven children, the forgotten or well-adjusted middle child, depending on which school of thought you adhere to.

Michael had pretty much every type of experience, school-wise. He was homeschooled, attended a public school, even went to a charter school. He then attended the University of St. Thomas (UST), a private Catholic college, where he earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy and Catholic studies. During his time at UST, he spent his freshman year as a part of SPO and then entered the Saint John Vianney College Seminary his sophomore year and was there until graduation.

After graduation, every plan Michael had went out the window. Instead of attending the Saint Paul Seminary, he took a year off and lived and worked at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church. During the following months, he discerned that he was not going to continue on to major seminary and instead, pursue marriage. This led to Michael working at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and studying for and taking the LSAT before the Lord shook his life up again and called him to become a Missionary with SPO.

This fall Michael will be serving as a Mission Leader out at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. While this will be a bit of a culture shock from “Minnesota nice,” he is excited for this opportunity to live on an adventure with the Lord and to share with others the blessings he has received through SPO.

“If a man is centered upon himself, the smallest risk is too great for him because both success and failure can destroy him. If he is centered upon God, then no risk is too great, because success is already guaranteed – the successful union of Creator and creature, beside which everything else is meaningless.”           -- Morris L. West in The Shoes of the Fisherman. Christianity Today, Vol. 33, no. 3