Oscar Robles


Title: Chapter Leader

Chapter: Rutgers

Contact: oscar.robles@spo.org

Oscar is a first-generation American, born in Miami, Florida. His mom was born in Cuba and his dad is from Nicaragua. Oscar grew up in a faith-filled family in which his parents, being very alive in their faith, taught Oscar about the Lord. His upbringing created a foundation for Oscar to come to know the Lord personally; as a result, he worked to have a relationship with Him early on in high school.

Oscar first encountered Saint Paul’s Outreach when he was about to start college, receiving an invitation to attend the School of the New Evangelization. It was here that he encountered almost 200 other young people who were on fire for the Lord and desired to grow in their faith together, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with their peers. The rest is history: Oscar was involved with SPO throughout his college career and is now extremely excited to be serving with SPO full-time as a Mission Leader! Oscar graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Civil Engineering and is currently bringing the joy of the gospel to Rutgers University.


Follow Oscar's SPO mission here.