Peter Harrison


Title: Mission Leader

Mission Center: Minnesota

Chapter: University of St. Thomas


Peter Lucas Harrison, also known as “Pacman”, is serving as a first-year SPO missionary at the University of St. Thomas. Born on the tropical Pacific island of Oahu, Peter’s first years of life were spent in relative warmth and comfort, with no snow and temperatures rarely falling below 70°F. All of this changed, however, when his parents made the unfortunate decision to move to East Lansing, Michigan. But “Michigan isn’t really that bad” as anyone who lives there will tell you, and Peter grew up in a loving Catholic family with good friends who have all encouraged and supported him every step of his life.

Peter attended Benedictine College, where he received a first-rate education studying Economics. He learned the most important lesson in Economics from his Uncle Peter, who is also his namesake, “Sometimes the market goes up, and sometimes the market goes down.” During his first weeks at Benedictine, Saint Paul’s Outreach missionaries and students made an effort to personally reach out and get to know Peter, inviting him to various sports events, household activities, and prayer meetings, and eventually on a Fan Into Flame retreat, where Peter had a powerful encounter that led him to a deeper prayer life and relationship with Persons of the Trinity. Peter continued to be involved with SPO at Benedictine, captivated by the authentic community of friends and disciples. He lived in household during his final two years at Benedictine and considers the friends he made in household and in the community to be some of his closest friends.

Peter enjoys chilling with good friends, sporting activities, reading up on his faith, economics, history, video games, and other intellectual pursuits. He is excited to be serving in Minnesota, which he so far knows little about except that it is even colder than Michigan in the winter and that you have to pay for the A-line bus before you get on. He knows that God has a great plan for everyone’s life, and he is eager to be involved with God’s ongoing work in SPO at UST.